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Have fun when you workout & it won't feel like work

Welcome to Be in the Sky

Be in the Sky is a purpose-build studio for Pole - Aerials - Movement that offers friendly and playful classes, workshops and events.

The studio is designed for a variety of classes, ranging from pole dancing to movement exploration. It can be set up for competition training, workshops, and many other events.

All our Pole - Aerial - Movement classes instruct and explore techniques in and around the pole/aerial apparatus or on the floor. Many of these techniques have their roots in gymnastics, dance and yoga, but you don't need to have any background in these disciplines to participate in our classes. You will learn everything in class, receiving professional and individual guidance, making it tailored to your level and needs.

At Be in the Sky, we firmly believe that it is never too late to learn new skills. Important pillars for all our classes is that we keep exploring but stay friendly to ourselves. We like to highlight the famous quote: "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." So why not come and join one of our playful classes? Let's learn new skills and have fun together!

Turn yourself upside-down and it provides a new perspective.

What we offer

At Be in the Sky, we provide group classes and private lessons in pole, aerials and movement training

What Be in the Sky stands for:

In addition to our regular group classes, we offer private lessons and discounted packages of tailored classes in any of our disciplines (Be-on-Demand). We also host workshops to enhance the skills, creativity, and musicality of pole and aerial artists, leading them towards a performing art. 

Join us in soaring to new heights!

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With the help of a few of our regulars, we have made a short promo video which gives an impression of the studio and what we have to offer.