The Studio and Equipment

Celebrate the beauty of movement at our recently established Pole - Aerial - Movement Studio in Shirley. Our studio is dedicated to creating a safe and inclusive environment for everybody, no matter the age, gender or fitness level. Join us in discovering the empowering benefits of pole and aerials while enjoying a fun and supportive community.

Designed for Pole - Aerial - Movement 

Be in the Sky studio is the first purpose-build studio for Pole - Aerial - Movement classes and events in Southampton. It is located in Shirley, build as a detached outbuilding in the rear of a residential garden. 

The design includes a toilet/changing room and small kitchen area, conveniently accessible to use just before, during or after the class.

A welcoming and relaxing environment

The green space around and the external appearance of the studio gives a relaxed and homy welcome. The warm/cosy interior of the studio combined with the multi-diverse set-up of the dance-floor, creates a professional and intimate space for any kind of Pole - Aerial - Movement event. Whether you are looking for (small-sized) group classes, private lessons, parties, workshops, etc, or whether you would like to use the studio for competition training, Be in the Sky can host it all!


Perfected for Pole dance

Be in the Sky is proud to provide a space with a staggered set up of the apparatus and a large mirror wall, which allows everybody to be able to see their own performance without any get-in-the-ways.

The diameter, height and separation of the poles are according the IPSF regulations, making this studio ideal for competition training.

Multi-diverse Aerial set up

The studio can be converted into a multi-diverse aerial-training space, providing aerial silks, rope, hammocks, aerial hoops and gymnastic rings.

The silks, rope and hammocks are rigged semi-permanently.

There are 4 rigging points which are height adjustable (using a pulley system), each of them equipped with a swivel for free rotation. These points are used to rig the aerial hoops, but can be used with other aerial apparatus. Smaller and bigger sized aerial hoops are available to cater to the individual preference.

An all-round floorspace

All poles and aerial apparatus can be stored away to provide an all-round floor space, making the studio ideal for a diversity of workshops and events. Be in the Sky studio accommodates yoga classes, dance rehearsals, movement workshops, handstand/callisthenic training, acrobatic events, and more.

Studio dimension 6.5m x 8m (internal).

Studio available for rental

Are you looking for a space for your workshop, class, pole/aerial training or dance rehearsal? We are happy to help. Contact us and tell us what you need!