What is on?

Be in the Sky organizes special events, (international) workshops, show nights and more. 

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Upcoming events

2-days of Theater CLOWN immersion

Date: 24 & 25/2/2024,   10am-5pm

This workshop is inspired by the teachings of Jacques Lecoq and is for actors, theatre-makers, musicians, dancers, circus performers and the curious who would like to explore the realm and possibilities working with the smallest mask in the world - the red nose. No specific knowledge or background is needed, more important is the passion, empathy, curiosity and desire to explore. The workshop is physical and movement-based. There's time for observation, participation, feedback and reflection.

For more practical info, please click on this link.

SHOWNIGHT II                                

 Dates: 6/4/2024   at    5.30pm (SOLD OUT)

 7/4/2024   at    2pm                                     

Be in the Sky students and friends have the opportunity to perform their skills in either pole, aerials, movement and more. The studio will be converted into a small theatre to showcase these performances. Limited number of tickets are available -- contact us to get them before they are gone!!

Performers in Pole:
  • Maryam & Penny: duo act
  • Cyra
  • Georgia
Performers in Aerial Hoop:
  • Kelly & Madison: duo act
  • Ellie
  • Tyler
  • Betsy
Performers in Miscellaneous Disciplines:
  • Charlene (straps)
  • Diego 
  • Katie
  • Beike (silks)

Past events

SHOW NIGHT                            

Our first showcase took place on the 4th of Nov 2023.

Be in the Sky students and friends created fairy-tale & legend-inspired performances in pole, aerial hoop and hammock. Each of the 5 acrobatic/dance routines were introduced and linked together with a real storyteller and actors, and the show had a total running time of 50min. The studio was converted into a small theatre to showcase these performances, and hosted almost 45 people as audience.

The performers were (in order of appearance): Diego (clowning), Milo (junior actor), Katie (storyteller), Maryam (pole), Penny (pole), Madison (hoop), Avi (hoop) and Beike (hammock).

Super cool Handstand workshops by Kuba! 

Want to know more? check Kuba's webpage:


and his Facebook page!


We had the pleasure to have these workshops on

And there will be more. Please, keep an eye on this page and our/his social media.

HANDSTAND Workshop by Kuba

Would you love to be able to do a handstand? Kuba's workshop covers all the basic techniques for handstands, like hand placements, shoulder mobility and kick ups, and more.

For more information, check out his website: https://www.kubajursza.co.uk

To book tickets, please use this link.

Another amazing workshop by Kuba! 

Want to know more? check his webpage:


and his Facebook page!