Our Instructors


Hi, my name is Beike, or simply call me B (or Bee)! I am the founder and all-round instructor of Be in the Sky.

I'm originally from the Netherlands but have been living in Southampton since 2013. While I have a doctorate degree in astrophysics, my true passion has always been dance and movement.

My dance journey began at the age of 6 when I started jazz ballet. Over the years, I delved into various dance styles including contemporary dance, African dance, Argentinian tango, and more. While I enjoyed all of them, it was during a pole-dancing class in late 2009 that I discovered my greatest passion.

Pole dancing captivated me with its stunning blend of strength, acrobatics, and flexibility. It embodies both grace and power, allowing for musicality and creativity. The focus required to master different techniques also provides a welcome escape from daily worries.

With dance as my first love, I quickly developed new passions, exploring everything from aerial/circus acrobatics to movement exploration. I relish the opportunity to move, explore, and challenge myself. I give myself permission to play like a child and move like an animal.

Are you ready to join me in this journey of movement and exploration? Let's embrace the joy of dance together!